The next generation of taxi apps you need to know about

Check out the latest taxi apps for drivers and customers and discover what you’ll need to create an app of your own.


Nowadays there’s pretty much an app designed to help with everything from finding the cheapest fuel in your area to keeping an eye on your blood pressure. And as you’d expect, the taxi industry hasn’t been left behind. Read on for Taxi Insurer’s A-to-Z rundown of the best of the next generation of taxi apps coming soon to a mobile phone near you!


But remember, if you want your taxi business to run smoothly, you not only need a smart and reliable car, great people skills, and the latest developments in technology. You also need to find the most suitable taxi driver insurance for you and your budget.


Addison Lee


Founded in 1975, Addison Lee is London’s largest private hire and taxi firm. Over the years it has built up an enviable reputation providing private transport services to passengers and delivery services to businesses and individuals.


From casual rides and business trips to airport transfers and VIP transportation, Addison Lee has a lot to offer. And that now includes an app which gives drivers with their own vehicle access to one of the capital’s premier car services.


If you like having plenty of work lined up in the future then you’ll be pleased to hear that passengers can pre-book your taxi up to three months in advance. Be aware, there is no potential for surge pricing at peak times with Addison Lee.


Addison Lee on App Store and Google Play




ARRO claims to make booking and paying for taxi rides super simple with its free taxi app. Operating in the UK as well as the US, ARRO promises that using its E-Hail function will connect available drivers and riders faster than ever before!


With low fees, fast pay-outs, automatic tips, free training and 24/7 driver support, ARRO is hoping to be an attractive alternative to other ride-hailing apps. For more information go to this helpful FAQ page for UK drivers.


ARRO on App Store and Google Play




Estonia-based Bolt launched in the UK in 2019 and is seen as a worthy rival for Uber with over 65,000 self-employed drivers already signed up to the app. Check out our recent blog on Uber vs Bolt to find out which is better for you.


It currently covers a wide range of cities including Bath and Bristol, Leicester and London, Southampton and Wolverhampton.


On its website it says that Bolt drivers earn more thanks to lower commission rates and that all Bolt rides in Europe are 100% carbon-neutral. Whether you want to drive full time or just do a few hours over the weekends, you could make decent money with the app.


The company doesn’t charge monthly fees, but depending on the city in which you’re driving it usually charges a commission of between 10% to 20%. For more precise information, you’ll need to contact Bolt directly.


Rides start with a base fee for pick-up, plus a mile rate for distance travelled and a minute rate for how long the journey took. Bolt also uses a minimum charge and surge pricing or ‘dynamic pricing’ when demand is increased due to local factors like bad weather, large events and so on.


According to Bolt, the top 20% of highest earning Bolt drivers can earn up to £1,100 per week in London. While Bolt drivers in other cities could potentially earn up to £800 or even £1,000 per week.


To find out how to become a Bolt driver in the UK, read our handy guide. Wondering what you need to get started or how to begin earning? Well, we’ve got you covered.


If you’re just starting out in the taxi trade, call us to arrange great value taxi driver insurance to suit your needs.


Bolt on App Store and Google Play




Cabbie-founded hailing app Cab:app operates in over 90 cities across the UK and Ireland connecting travellers with over 12,000 black cabs and licensed taxis. It prides itself on being the most driver-friendly taxi app around with a business model based on loyalty and rewards.


As well as offering drivers the chance to become co-owners in the company through a cashback profit share plan, Cab:app also rewards its customers with ‘cab:miles’. It also makes a point of donating to charity partners.


A big draw for the app is the fact that all driver-initiated bookings promoted to passengers will attract 0% commission. Be aware the Cab:app platform is only available to taxi drivers; private hire vehicles are not allowed.


Cab:app on App Store and Google Play


Free Now


Formed in 2020, when black cab app Free Now combined with Paris-based Kapten to create a new app service under the Free Now brand, the app offers its users access to eBikes, eScooters, taxis and private cars. Marketing itself as a ‘mobility super app’ it allows users to book all their favourite ways to travel in one handy place.


Free Now has over 35,000 drivers in London alone and over 1.5 million registered users. In addition to London, the app is also available in Brighton, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, Derby and Leicester.


Whether you’re looking for full- or part-time driving work, this ‘driver-centric’ app needs both taxi drivers and PHV drivers. There are lots of features that make this app appealing to a range of drivers including:


  • No commission on tips
  • Pre-booking calendar
  • Rate and block passenger function
  • Find out passenger destination before accepting fare
  • Access to six-months of fare history
  • Follow-up jobs
  • Auto-accept
  • ‘On the way’ notifications


There’s also a dedicated Driver Care Team that’s always there to lend a helping hand and answer any driver questions. So, if you receive an unjustified rating from a passenger, get on to the team and they’ll sort it out.


On top of all that, there’s also a potential £600 onboarding bonus and a £2,000 EV subsidy to help drivers go electric. And if you love the system and refer another driver to Free Now, you’ll receive £400 once they’ve completed 50 trips in 7 days.


Free Now on App Store and Google Play




Targeted at black cab drivers as a quick and easy way to earn more cash, Gett has been around since 2010 and has become a bit of a fixture in the taxi world. It’s focused on servicing corporate clients in cities such as London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Greater Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry, Newcastle, Bournemouth, Reading, Bristol and South Gloucestershire.


Fares are based on those set by TfL in London and local councils in other cities, so with access to Gett users you really should only see a benefit compared to other black cab drivers. There’s also a refer-a-friend programme to encourage you to recommend other drivers.


Gett on App Store and Google Play


Green Tomato Cars


Green Tomato Cars prides itself on being London’s greenest on-demand private hire and courier service. The company double-offsets all its CO2 emissions, so it’s not just carbon-neutral, it’s carbon-negative!


Focusing on corporate account work the easy-to-use app offers drivers lots of support and flexibility in how they want to work. So, whether you want to be a fully-fledged employee of the company or an independent company car driver there could be a place for you at Green Tomato Cars.


Green Tomato Cars on App Store and Google Play




Launched in London in early 2020, global ridesharing app Ola had already had great success offering taxi and PHV services in smaller UK cities like Exeter, Wolverhampton and Cardiff. Ola offers drivers daily payments, competitive commission rates (around 15%) and a dedicated Partner Care team offering 24/7 support.


For full-time drivers working at least 50 hours per week there’s also the offer of a guaranteed-income plan. So, instead of paying Ola commission after each ride, you pay a fixed weekly fee and receive a guaranteed minimum income even if you don’t hit your weekly target.


Apart from London, Ola currently also operates in South Wales, the South West, Merseyside, the West Midlands and the South East.


Ola on App Store and Google Play




A new taxi app designed for women’s safety, RideSafe allows users to state a preference for either a male or female driver, ask for a picture of the driver and the car so they know who to look for and a secure one-time password to make sure they’re getting into the right car with the right driver.


As you’d expect from a taxi app it also features real-time tracking, passenger reviews, and an in-app call and messaging service.


RideSafe on App Store and Google Play




Taxiapp is another black cab ride hailing app founded and run by cabbies themselves. This not-for-profit co-operative is doing its bit to keep traditional black cabs from going out of business in the face of ride hailing giants like Uber.


Funded entirely by its members, with a driver fee of £20 a month, the app has no hidden extra fees or surprise charges for passengers who just get the benefit of the drivers’ legendary ‘Knowledge’.


Taxiapp on App Store and Google Play




Okay, we know all about the ride hailing giant Uber and its world-conquering app; indeed, many of the UK’s taxi and PHV drivers have found hooking-up with the tech behemoth very worthwhile. But while Uber has been around for a while, it’s still well worth considering.


Companies like Uber are always innovating and don’t make a habit of resting on their laurels. If you’re wondering how much do Uber drivers make or whether Uber driving is for introverts then look no further than our blog. And don’t forget to read our Ultimate Go To Guide to Uber for the inside track.


If you do decide to link up with Uber or any other ride hailing app, make sure your taxi driver insurance is up to date. Get a quick quote today.


Uber on App Store and Google Play




If you own a new Mercedes-Benz and are happy to go through the rigorous accreditation process, you could be on to a nice little earner with Wheely.


Be aware that as well as a test on local geography and ‘chauffeur étiquette’ there’s also a strict vehicle accreditation process in which your vehicle will be assessed for colour, condition, and cleanliness among other things.


Wheely on App Store and Google Play




Xooox aims to help taxi and PHV drivers find their own fares and set their own prices in real time through a variety of tech tools. Flexibility is a key feature of this app, with drivers able to choose the commission rate they wish to pay and can set their own travel boundaries for where they want to work.


Unlike many other apps it isn’t just confined to big cities like London and Manchester. Instead, it’s available across the UK, making it a great option for taxi companies and drivers to remain independent while still being able to network and offer a superior service to passengers.


xooox on App Store and Google Play


Developing your own app?


With taxi apps proving so popular among both passengers and drivers alike, you might think about developing your own.


To get you started, here are 8 great taxi app ideas that might work in your area.


  1. Women-friendly taxi app – Finding a safe way home after a night out can be a particular hazard for women, could an app help?
  2. Patient transport app – Tie up with local hospitals, healthcare centres and GP surgeries to provide an app that will help get their patients to and from scheduled appointments.
  3. Eco-friendly taxi app – Increasing numbers of passengers and drivers are looking to make taxis a more eco-friendly option.
  4. Taxi-sharing app – In an effort to cut costs and carbon emissions, helping people share taxis and split the cost among them could be a popular idea.
  5. Student/commuter taxi app – If there’s a large employer or college in your area then there could be hundreds of people everyday who are all travelling the same route. Could you help?
  6. Luxury car app – If your taxi fleet is a cut above the rest then could offering the VIP treatment put you ahead of the competition.
  7. Chauffeur app – Do you really need a fleet of your own vehicles to make money in the taxi business? Some customers may just want a professional driver to drive their car for them.
  8. Local delivery service – Many small local businesses might not have their own delivery service, could you help them out?


Remember, if you change the type of service you offer, it could expose you to more or different risks. Give Taxi Insurer a call to discuss all your taxi driver insurance needs and stay protected.


Whatever taxi app you have in mind, here’s a quick list of just some of the features you might want to include:


  • Automatic fare estimation and booking confirmation.
  • In-app payment options for added convenience.
  • Real-time tracking of the driver's location.
  • Integration with other popular ride-sharing services.
  • Option to schedule rides in advance.
  • Driver and passenger ratings and reviews to ensure safety.
  • Voice-enabled booking for hands-free use.
  • In-app messaging and call feature for easy communication.
  • Integration with popular navigation apps to ensure the best route.
  • Option to save frequently visited locations for faster booking.
  • In-app language translation for users whose first language isn’t English.
  • A choice of wheelchair accessible vehicles.
  • In-app rewards program for frequent riders and trusted drivers.
  • Option to request specific drivers or types of vehicles.
  • Real-time traffic updates and rerouting to avoid delays.
  • In-app tipping feature for drivers.
  • Option to split fare with other riders for added convenience.


If you decide you're ready to join the app store, take a look at our article explaining how to create an app for your taxi business.


Get taxi driver insurance to protect your livelihood


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Whether you download some of these ride hailing apps or come up with your own, we’re here to help you protect your livelihood and grow your business safely in the future.


Speak to the specialist team at Taxi Insurer to arrange the best value taxi driver insurance for your circumstances.


We’ve been working with our trusted panel of insurers for many years, so your taxi will be in safe hands. Taxi cover arranged through us can include the following benefits:


  • Protected No Claims Bonus available
  • Cover for Minibus, MPV and Car
  • Cover for private and public hire taxi
  • 24hr claims management service
  • Pay in instalments
  • Mirror NCB from other insurance policies
  • UK-based call centre


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