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Do you run a fleet of cabs? If so, you'll know how challenging it can be to take out and renew individual policies for each and every one of your vehicles. Going through each taxi policy in turn can take a lot of time and energy.


Why not consider a taxi fleet policy instead? With this type of cover, you'll only need one policy for your entire fleet of cabs. With just one, handy renewal date, when policy renewal comes around again, you'll have a much easier time managing the insurance policies for all your vehicles.


It doesn’t matter if you have a fleet of black cabs, minicabs, minibuses, or a mix of vehicles. We can help you find a taxi insurance policy that matches all of your needs and covers all of the vehicles in your fleet.


Running a taxi company can be very challenging. Taxi drivers often need to deal with various driving conditions and different types of passengers. As the owner of a taxi fleet, you're probably already aware of all these challenges - and have to deal with them as they multiply.


Taxi vehicles in your fleet are accumulating miles every hour and are exposed to many risks. It's not only about insuring your taxi fleet, you also need to make sure that your drivers are medically fit and have the correct taxi badge.


From keeping an eye on any inexperienced taxi drivers to maintaining multiple vehicles, taxi fleet operators have a lot to deal with.


It’s important that you find the right policy to match the volume and requirements of the vehicles which are part of your fleet.


Taxi Fleet insurance can include:

  • Cover for 3 or more vehicles
  • Mixed fleet policies (this can be a mix of public & private hire vehicles)
  • TPO, TPFT and Comprehensive options available
  • Any driver cover (subject to age & experience)

Taxi Fleet Insurance policy benefits may include:

  • Cover for Minibus
  • Cover for Multi Purpose Vehicles
  • Cover for Car
  • Cover for private hire taxi
  • Cover for public hire taxi
  • 24hr claims management service
  • Pay in instalments
  • Mirror NCB from other insurance policies (terms and conditions apply, subject to meeting full acceptance criteria)
  • UK Based call centre
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Get Fleet Insurance Quotes from Taxi Insurer


To get a taxi fleet insurance quote online, please get in touch with us and tell us what you need. We will be happy to prepare a personalised quote for you, which will take into account all of your requirements – from car cover to public liability and more.


What cover does taxi fleet insurance include?


In general, taxi fleet insurance can include cover for three or more vehicles. We can arrange a mixed fleet policy where your fleet is composed of a mix of public and private hire vehicles.


Taxi fleet insurance policies can also include Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Comprehensive cover options. Finally, taxi fleet insurance may include any driver cover - however, that may be subject to age and experience of the driver.


Some of the most important benefits which come with taxi fleet insurance are cover for minibuses, MPVs, cars, private hire, and public hire vehicles. Our panel of insurers offers an experienced claims management service where claims handlers will guide you through the process of making a claim.


So if you're a growing taxi company with three or more vehicles, get in touch with our specialist team today - we can help you find cover that suits your individual taxi fleet insurance needs and maybe even save you money.


Do I need public liability cover and employers liability insurance?


As well as providing cover to protect against damage or injury to your taxis and passengers, there are two other features worth considering – public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance.


Businesses operating in the UK that employ one or more people must have employers’ liability insurance to protect their staff. This is the case even if they're a family member or someone who works on a voluntary basis.


While there isn't a legal requirement to have public liability insurance, it's definitely cover worth adding to your taxi insurance policy.


Taxi businesses deal with members of the public every day and you need to guard against the risk of legal claims for accidents, injuries and more.


Types of vehicles covered by our taxi insurance


We know that taxi fleets can be made up of many different types of vehicles. As a result, the insurance policies we can arrange are flexible enough to handle this.


Taxi fleet insurance policies cover a broad range of vehicle types such as people carriers, saloons, hatchbacks, minibuses, and coaches. It can also cover both public and private hire taxis.


Taxi fleet insurance policies can cover an unlimited number of vehicles subject to acceptance. However, if your fleet counts fewer than five vehicles, you could insure them using our regular taxi insurance or minibus insurance policies, depending on the type of vehicles in question.


How many vehicles do you want to arrange insurance cover for? If you have more than five vehicles in your business, a fleet taxi insurance policy is usually the better option.


Give us a call and tell one of our friendly team more about your company and what you need from a taxi fleet insurance policy. We can help you to find a fleet insurance policy to suit a wide range of taxi fleets and business needs.


Can I insure the vehicles I own and vehicles owned by drivers?


Some insurance policies offer the flexibility to insure a mixture of business-owned vehicles and owner-driver vehicles. To get the right policy for your business, please talk to our knowledgeable team and tell us more about your fleet.


What areas do Taxi Fleet insurance policies cover?


The taxi fleet insurance cover we can arrange covers businesses all over the United Kingdom, including the inner-city areas and rural areas.


Unfortunately, there may be a few areas which are out of our reach (some of the most common examples among insurers include Northern Ireland and Jersey).


What might affect the price of my taxi fleet policy?


When arranging cover for taxi businesses, an insurance broker like Taxi Insurer will compile each fleet insurance quote with your unique business requirements in mind. So, it can be difficult to predict what your taxi policy premium may be.


Our team will find suitable policies by asking questions like:


  • How many taxis are included in your fleet?
  • What safety and accessibility features do they have?
  • What type of vehicles are you driving?
  • What's the nature of your taxi business? Do you specialise in airport transfers or patient transport?
  • What areas are you primarily covering? What is the crime rate?
  • How old are the drivers and what does their driving record look like?
  • What's your trading history? How long have you been operating as a taxi business?


How can I keep my taxi fleet policy premiums low?


Taxi fleet insurance is no different to standard car insurance in this regard. It's essential that your drivers drive with care and build a no-claims history.


That's how you'll be able to find cheaper insurance premiums in the long run. Some insurers may also offer you a discount for effective security measures, such as CCTV cameras.


Remember to always shop around and reach out to as many insurance companies as you can for quotes. A specialist insurance broker like Taxi Insurer is ideally placed to help you arrange insurance cover at the best price.




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What's the difference between Private Hire and Public Hire insurance?


Private hire vehicles are vehicles that are more like minicabs and can't be hailed at a taxi rank or on the street. The only way someone can use them is by pre-booking.


Public hire vehicles, on the other hand, are vehicles we see on streets every day such as black cabs and hackney carriages. They are licensed by the council to pick up fares on the street and at taxi ranks.


Insurers differentiate between these two categories because of the different levels of risks involved, which can become a factor in calculating the insurance premium.


How Taxi Insurer can help you find the right insurer


At Taxi Insurer, we know just how difficult it can be for a busy business owner to find precisely the right insurance from the right provider. That's why our team of taxi insurance specialists is always on hand to guide you through every step of the way.


With decades of experience in the insurance market, we offer:


  • UK based call centres
  • Fully trained customer service team
  • A wide range of insurance products
  • Bespoke insurance quotes
  • Access to the best quotes on the market


Get a Taxi Fleet insurance quote


To arrange a no obligation taxi fleet insurance quote please call our team on 0192 645 4929 today, or complete the request a call back form and we'll call you at a time that's convenient for you.


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