Minibus Insurance


Whether you use your minibus for personal use, private or public hire, it’s important to you that your vehicle and passengers are covered by the right minibus insurance policy.


If you are over 25 years old, driving a 9 to 16 seater plus driver minibus and looking for the right cover for your vehicle, Taxi Insurer will search our panel of trusted insurer partners to find you our best deal.


We will consider all uses, so if you have struggled to get cover previously, we could have the answer.


Who needs minibus insurance?


When you hear the word 'minibus' you might immediately think of school transport. But whether you use yours for personal use, as a minibus taxi for hire and reward, or to carry large groups for a voluntary organisation, you’ll need minibus insurance cover to keep everyone safe.


Businesses and organisations who might need minibus cover include:


  • Airport transfer services
  • Charities
  • Churches
  • Community transport services
  • Health and welfare organisations
  • Local authorities
  • Nursing homes
  • Residential homes
  • Private Hire and Public Hire Vehicle drivers
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Sports clubs
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Youth groups


If you drive a minibus, you'll know they are expensive vehicles to repair or replace. And if you carry passengers, they'll need to be protected, too, in case of accident or injury.


Where can I find short-term minibus insurance?


Only plan on having your minibus for a few months? Short-term minibus insurance is also available if you only need cover for a limited time. Perhaps you're just borrowing a minibus for a few days or weeks? The team at the Taxi Insurer can help.


Why is it important to have minibus insurance?


From airport runs to school trips, if you’re carrying passengers it’s vital to have adequate minibus insurance. Here’s why:


  • It’s the law – driving without the correct vehicle insurance is illegal. Larger vehicles like minibuses can cause a lot of damage in a road accident.
  • To protect yourself financially – minibuses can be expensive vehicles to replace or repair.
  • Required by contracts – contract work for schools, local authorities and other organisations will require you to provide proof of insurance.
  • Licensing – if you’re a taxi or PHV driver using your minibus for hire and reward then you’ll need to prove you have the right insurance to the licensing authorities.
  • Public liability protection – if you cause damage or injury to a passenger or third party you could be facing a substantial legal claim.
  • Protects your drivers – a named driver is injured in an accident while who driving one of your minibuses, the right insurance cover could provide them with compensation.

Types of minibus insurance cover available


When you're searching for minibus insurance providers, you usually find that they offer three levels of cover: third party only cover, third party, fire and theft cover and fully comprehensive cover.


Read on to find out what these cover levels mean:


Third party only


The minimum level of public liability cover required for driving on UK roads, third party insurance covers injury and damage to third parties and passengers and their property. It won’t compensate you for any injury suffered and it won’t pay for repairs to your minibus or a replacement.


If you're searching for cheap minibus insurance, third party cover might cost less than other types of insurance but it only gives you the minimum protection.


Third party, fire and theft


In addition to the third party only cover above, third party, fire and theft will also pay for minibus repairs or a replacement if yours is damaged by fire or stolen.


Fully comprehensive


The highest level of cover available, comprehensive insurance provides all of the above as well as compensating you for any injuries and damage to your vehicle. Even if an accident was your fault, you’ll still be covered.


Many minibus insurance policies will also include a range of other benefits and features. Check your policy documents carefully to find out what's included as standard and what you might need to add as extras.


Other minibus insurance options you might consider adding include:


  • Breakdown cover for any roadside emergencies
    A breakdown is the last thing you want, especially if you're carrying passengers. Read the Taxi Insurer's article on what to do if you break down in a minibus for further guidance.
  • Employers’ liability cover
    If you have one or more members of staff then the law requires you to have employers’ liability insurance even if they are a volunteer, temporary worker or family member.
  • European cover
    If you take your minibus over to the continent for business or pleasure purposes, then you’ll want to add this.
  • No claims bonus protection. Cover provided by specialist insurers like the Taxi Insurer may include this.
  • Short-term cover. Short-term minibus insurance is a great idea if you know you'll only have the minibus for a limited time.


How is minibus insurance different to car or van insurance?


While the same three levels of cover – third party only, third party, fire and theft and fully comprehensive – are available for minibuses, the risks of driving a minibus are much greater. For starters, they are much heavier vehicles than standard cars, so any accident has the potential to cause more damage or harm.


Speaking to a specialist minibus insurance company like the Taxi Insurer, we will look to ensure you have the cover you need. We have many years of experience in this market and will look to provide a bespoke insurance policy that best suits your needs and budget.


Is it expensive to insure through specialist minibus insurance providers?


When you’re used to insuring standard cars, minibus insurance costs can seem on the high side. The best way to find out the insurance premium price you’ll pay is to contact a specialist like the Taxi Insurer for a minibus insurance quote that's tailored to your circumstances.


In order to work out your quote, a lot of factors are taken into account:


  • The value of your minibus – New or top-of-the-range vehicles are generally more costly to insure as they’re more expensive to repair or replace.
  • The age of the named driver – Younger drivers tend to cost more to insure than older drivers.
  • Your minibus security features – Expensive vehicles can be a target for thieves. For a more competitive minibus insurance quote, you’ll want it to be parked in a secure place with an alarm, immobiliser and steering wheel lock fitted. Talk to the team to see what other security features might help reduce your premium.
  • The level of cover you want – Your premium will depend on what level of cover you choose and whether you add any extras.


Remember, cheap minibus insurance may not always offer the best value and may prove a false economy in the long run.


Why choose the Taxi Insurer for your minibus insurance quotes?


Comparing minibus insurance quotes through the Taxi Insurer is a great place to start when you're looking for cover. Here's why:


  • Flexible cover for personal use, private hire vehicle and public hire taxis
  • 24-hour claims management service
  • Wide range of cover for minibus, multi-purpose vehicles and cars
  • Specialist knowledge of minibus insurance procedures and claims process
  • Panel of trusted insurance providers to help you find the right cover
  • Competitive rates
  • Extensive cover for wide range of vehicles and uses


Tailor your minibus insurance policy to suit your needs


The Taxi Insurer team works hard to understand you, your vehicle and what you usually use it for, so we can find the right minibus insurance policy for you, at our most competitive rates.


Policies arranged through us can cover private occasional use, frequent use for a range of groups and organisations, including schools, charities, churches, scout groups and sporting clubs.


We understand the risks involved so call our specialist team today and let us help you find the cover to suit your needs.


If you want to compare minibus insurance quotes, the Taxi Insurer should be your first port of call.


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