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For taxi drivers, a taxi is much more than just a vehicle. It's their livelihood. That's why it deserves to be protected with specialist taxi insurance.


If you've been looking into options for insuring your taxi, you have probably seen that taxi insurance quotes are often quite high due to the nature of a taxi driver's work. But we aim to help you find a taxi policy that matches your needs and budget.


It is important to note that different types of vehicles will require different policies. We can arrange taxi insurance in many different variants. We work with a panel of insurers who can provide you with insured only policies or named driver policies.


You’ll have a broad array of choices in front of you depending on whether you are looking to buy an individual cover or insurance for your entire taxi fleet.


For taxi insurance cover, get in touch with us and ensure you have the required documents to hand. For example, know whether you’re buying insurance individually or as a company first.


We will need your basic details and contact information. To speed up the process, be sure to have your vehicle registration number and your driving licence at hand.


Getting a taxi insurance online quote is simpler than you think. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to prepare one for you.


Benefits of taxi insurance can include:


  • Unique rates for public and private hire
  • Low deposits and monthly payments available
  • Discounts for DSA taxi test (with some insurers)
  • Comprehensive cover
  • Third Party Fire & Theft cover
  • Third Party only cover available
  • Public Liability
  • Employers’ liability

Your Taxi cover may include:


  • Protected No Claims Bonus available (subject to acceptable criteria)
  • Cover for Minibus, Multi Purpose Vehicles and Car
  • Cover for private and public hire taxi
  • 24hr claims management service
  • Pay in instalments
  • Mirror NCB from other insurance policies (terms and conditions apply, subject to meeting full acceptance criteria)
  • UK Based call centre

What type of insurance does a taxi need?


Spending your days and nights transporting passengers all over your local area requires taxi drivers to have a high level of insurance cover.


First up, you may want fully comprehensive motor insurance that covers not only third party, fire and theft but also any injuries to you as the driver of the taxi and damage to the vehicle itself.


It’s important to note that taxi drivers must have a valid taxi insurance policy in order to legally operate their vehicle.


You may also want your taxi insurance to include passenger liability insurance. This is designed to protect you from any legal or compensation claims from a passenger in the event of an accident or other incident.


At Taxi Insurer, there are a wide range of additional options you can add to create bespoke cover that suits your taxi business needs, whether you operate hackney carriages or private hire vehicles. These include breakdown cover, windscreen cover, taxi key cover, public liability cover and so much more.


Whether you need short term taxi insurance for a new venture or cover for an established business, give us a call today and we can help you compare taxi insurance policies that are right for you.


How much does taxi insurance cost in the UK?


The cost of taxi insurance in the UK can vary widely depending on a number of factors. These include the type of vehicle being insured, the location and frequency of use, the driving history of the operator, and the level of coverage required.


Taxi insurance can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of pounds per year. However, it's important to note that actual costs will be based on individual circumstances.


With fuel and living costs on the rise, we all need to keep a careful eye on our bottom line. Read this Taxi Insurer article on how to cut the cost of living as a taxi driver if you’re looking to save on your vehicle cover and more.


How to reduce your taxi insurance quotes


Looking for cheaper taxi insurance? There's no denying that taxi insurance can be quite costly. Is there any way to find cheaper premiums?


Sure! Here are some tips to help you better understand how cover on taxi insurance is quoted.


Pick a vehicle from a lower car insurance group


When choosing your public hire taxis, always consider which insurance groups they fall into. If your vehicle is in a low insurance group, you may get to take advantage of lower premiums when purchasing insurance.


There are many different groups, with vehicles in the highest group generally associated with the most expensive insurance premiums. The Group Rating Panel places vehicles in groups, according to factors such as repairs, safety features, cost of spare parts, and the value of the vehicle.


Get an idea of how much insurance will cost by researching what insurance group your taxi vehicle will fall into. This group rating system is run for the Association of British Insurers (ABI) by Thatcham Research, and most insurance providers follow it when they compare taxi insurance quotes.


Drive safely


Avoid getting a conviction by following the rules of the road. Convictions can have a huge impact on your ability to get cheap taxi insurance. Even if you have committed a minor offence that was not related to driving, some insurers may refuse to offer cover.


If you drive safely, you can create a clean record for yourself and build up a no-claims discount over several years. Many insurers will offer discounts to drivers who have never made a claim.


Those who stay claim-free for an entire year could get a reduction on their insurance premium. If you don't make a claim for a period of five consecutive years, you could receive a larger discount.


Some insurers may allow you to pay a little extra to ‘protect' the no-claims bonus you've built up. That means you won't lose your discount after making a single claim (or more) within a 12-month period.


Finally, insurers may offer cheaper premiums to those who have had their taxi badge for a significant period of time. It's essential to build up years of safe driving to get these rewards.


Choose a higher excess


When it comes to taxi insurance, finding the right balance between coverage and cost can be a challenge. One option that many taxi owners consider is opting for higher excess, lower premium insurance.


This means that you would pay more out of pocket in the event of an accident or other incident, but your monthly or annual insurance premiums may be lower overall.


Whether this is a good choice for you depends on a number of factors, including how much risk you are willing to take on and how much you can afford to pay out of pocket if something goes wrong.


You should always consider whether you would be able to afford the excess, should you need to pay it in the event of an accident or loss.


Types of insurance available:


If you are a taxi driver or own a taxi business, it is essential to have the right type of insurance to protect your passengers, vehicle, and business.


There are several types of taxi insurance available in the market, and choosing the right one can be overwhelming.


Public liability insurance


The first type of taxi insurance is public liability insurance. This type of insurance covers you if your passenger gets injured or their property gets damaged while riding in your taxi. It also covers any legal costs that may arise due to an accident or injury caused by your taxi.


Comprehensive insurance


The second type of insurance is comprehensive insurance. This insurance covers any damage to your taxi, whether it is caused by an accident, fire, theft, or vandalism. It also covers any damage caused to other vehicles involved in the accident.


Third-party only


The third type of taxi insurance is third-party only insurance. This type of insurance covers any damage caused to other vehicles or property in an accident involving your taxi. It does not cover any damage caused to your taxi or any injuries sustained by your passengers.


Named Driver Insurance


Another type of taxi insurance is named driver insurance. This type of insurance is suitable for businesses that have multiple drivers driving the same taxi at different times. Named driver insurance ensures that each driver is covered under the policy, even if they are not the owner of the vehicle.


Taxi Fleet Insurance


If you find yourself with 3 or more taxis, there is Taxi Fleet Insurance. This type of insurance is suitable for taxi companies that have a fleet of taxis. A taxi fleet policy covers all taxis under one policy, making it easier and more cost-effective for businesses to manage their insurance policies.


Minibus Insurance


While driving a minibus is comparable to driving a taxi, it comes with a greater amount of risks. They're larger vehicles, meaning accidents have the potential to cause more damage. This also means they can hold more passengers, which is an extra layer of responsibility.


If you find yourself driving a minibus for any occasion, contact us about Minibus Insurance.


Is taxi insurance expensive?


Taxi drivers complete many more miles than regular drivers, often in congested conditions. Since taxi owners are at greater risk, their insurance is usually more expensive than regular car insurance.


Taxis are generally larger than regular cars, too, and often fall into higher insurance groups. The insurance category a vehicle falls into has a decisive impact on the cost of taxi insurance.


The higher the insurance category, the more expensive the premium will be. That's why taxi premiums are usually more expensive than cover for other vehicles.


What's the difference between Private Hire Insurance and Public Hire Insurance?


Private hire vehicles are usually minicab-type vehicles that can't be hailed at a taxi rank or on the street. They can only be booked in advance.


Public hire vehicles, on the other hand, are black cabs and other types of vehicles that are licensed by the council to pick up fares on the street and at taxi ranks.


These two categories carry different levels of risk. Still, your insurance premium will depend more on your age, location and annual mileage.


Can taxi drivers drive any car with taxi insurance?


It’s a legal requirement that taxi businesses have taxi insurance, but this insurance is typically only valid for vehicles that have been approved for use as a taxi and have a taxi licence issued by the local council or licensing authority.


The vehicle you use as a taxi must be on the council’s list of approved vehicles. It must also pass an inspection and meet certain safety standards before it can be licensed. These may include issues such as:


  • Roadworthiness
  • Cleanliness and customer comfort
  • That any installed taximeter is working correctly
  • Safety and security of all doors


It's worth noting that not all vehicles are eligible to be licensed as a taxi, and certain vehicles may be subject to additional requirements, such as the colour of the vehicle, use of illuminated signs and taximeters, wheelchair accessibility and emissions levels. You’ll need to check the requirements in your local area before investing in any new taxi vehicle.


Thinking of becoming a taxi driver? We've got lots of tips elsewhere on our site including what type of licences you'll need for you and your vehicle, advice for taxi business success and what taxi insurance covers.


Could my spouse drive the taxi for non-work related purposes?


Yes, it is possible for your spouse to drive your taxi for non-work related purposes and still be insured. However, to be sure you will need to check that your licensing authority allows that or that your partner is a licensed private or public hire driver, too.


If they aren't, it might not be possible for them to drive your taxi.


Be aware that when you insure a taxi not all providers will include ‘personal use cover’ as standard on the policy. This is worth checking if you're thinking of using the taxi as your normal everyday car, too.


I want to drive for Uber, do I need taxi insurance?


Yes! You will need private hire insurance for your car if you want to drive it for Uber in the UK. Due to Uber not owning any of the cars that its drivers are using, it requires drivers to be fully insured with a car insurance policy of their own.


While using the company's app, Uber does provide supplemental insurance that is a low-level liability insurance (accurate as of 20/10/2022).


If Uber drivers want to get comprehensive cover, they can visit Taxi Insurer for a quote.


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