It was over two years ago the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 as a pandemic and the world plunged into a health crisis. Now, thanks to high levels of immunity built up through vaccination and previous waves of infection it appears to scientists the UK is entering a phase when COVID-19 no longer dominates our lives. But there’s still a long way to go in our recovery as our communities and our businesses try to get back to normal. So, if you’re wondering how your taxi business can play its part then read our Taxi Insurer guide to helping your local community in a post-COVID world. We’ve got 20 brilliant ways to keep your business and community in tip-top shape.


Understanding the role you can play to create a better, safer community is only one element of being a successful taxi driver. For example, you also need the right monthly taxi insurance for your particular taxi business. From MPVs and minibuses to executive cars, Taxi Insurer’s specialist team is sure to find a policy suited to you and your budget.



  1. Supporting healthcare workers


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic healthcare workers have been at the very forefront of our response to the crisis. Working day after day in the most challenging conditions possible, many will have experienced great difficulties travelling to and from work due to fatigue, irregular working hours and restricted public transport.


And while the rest of the country may feel like the world is going back to normal, this isn’t the case for many of these workers. Indeed, the NHS itself is currently weathering one of the biggest crises it has ever experienced. The need for taxis to provide safe and reliable transport options for such workers has never been more pressing.


If you haven’t already, approach your local or regional health services and medical institutions to see if they need further help to transport medical and support staff to and from work. As one crisis ends another may well begin, so it’s important to build those relationships now before it’s too late.



  1. Helping out the police and other emergency workers


It’s not just healthcare that has come under severe pressure. Other emergency workers such as police officers may also be in need of extra support. Many emergency workers have been forced to cancel holidays and go long stretches without a break due to pressure on staffing levels. And this has led to big problems. For example, police officers are facing a big mental health crisis with around 77% reporting mental health difficulties.


There are many ways your taxi business can help out. For example, you could offer a week’s worth of free lifts to police officers and their families. What a great way to give something back to the people who do so much to ensure the safety of our communities.


It can also help boost your business, building your reputation as a safe and ethical taxi company. Be sure to spread the word by highlighting the week on social media, and posting photos on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


A blue flash on a police siren light



  1. Maintaining remote working for business


The advantages and disadvantages of remote working have been a hot topic of discussion for many months now. With many people feeling strongly both for and against this development. But whatever your personal feelings the fact of the matter is that remote working is here to stay for many businesses.


While your existing business account work may well have been greatly reduced due to organisations opting for remote working, that doesn’t mean they don’t still need your help. And when it comes to supporting these customers in rolling-out and maintaining remote working strategies, there’s a lot of business that could come your way.


Businesses traditionally use taxis for a whole range of purposes, from getting staff and visitors to and from their premises to corporate meetings and big conferences. But in the post-COVID world such companies may also need help getting office supplies, computer hardware, and documents to their remote working staff.


Some face-to-face meetings will still be business-critical, so they’ll want a reliable means of transport that’s safe and cost effective. Indeed, with so many people no longer doing a regular commute, alternative transport options such as trains and buses might not be as attractive as they once were.


So, give your corporate account customers a call to see if they need anything from you. Let them know you can help them in a whole variety of ways and are happy to respond to their changing needs.


While you’re at it, think about whether there are incentives you could offer. These could include monthly billing, priority contact telephone line, access to an online booking portal, and detailed invoicing. Anything to help them out during these difficult times.


As a business yourself, you’ll also be seeing your bottom line under pressure. Paying for cover by way of a monthly taxi insurance plan can make insurance costs more manageable alongside your other expenses. By paying for monthly taxi insurance, you can spread the cost throughout the year, so you don’t need to find a big cash sum all at once.



  1. Offering a delivery service


Whether your taxi business is based in an urban or a rural setting, over the course of the pandemic you will have noticed a huge increase in the number of items being delivered to people’s homes. There’s really no reason why this trend won’t continue and why your business can’t be an important part of it. Indeed, with so much pressure on the delivery system it’s your responsibility to help out if you can.


From delivering parcels and important documents to collecting and delivering medication, takeaway food, or shopping, the possibilities are many. Some local businesses may not have even considered providing a delivery option yet to help keep their customers stocked up. Calling around to offer your taxi fleet as an option could be just what their business needs to keep afloat.


With online services and ‘click and collect’ now so popular it really isn’t a difficult market to get into. But remember, any changes to your business could have an impact on your exposure to certain risks and the level of insurance cover you require. For example, if you’re picking up expensive items or important medication then would you be covered in the case of an accident, damage or theft? Find out whether you have the right monthly taxi insurance cover by giving the helpful team at Taxi Insurer a call today.



  1. Ensuring easy travel to appointments


There are many taxi specialisms that could boost your business and help the community in a post-COVID world. Patient transport and social care are two such areas.


It’s well known that getting patients to and from hospital or other medical appointments can put a big strain on public services as well as friends and family. At this time, a friendly and professional taxi service is vital for any community.


And don’t forget, whether through age, illness or disability many people also need extra support getting around to social activities and shopping.


Talk to the local hospitals, GP surgeries, local retirement homes or care providers and see if they would be interested in forming a relationship with your taxi service. What an incredible benefit to your local community and sense of fulfilment you’ll experience.


Before you get started, check any licensing and regulatory requirements you need to follow. Speak to your local licensing authority to find out what you need. For example, find out whether your drivers will need a Disclosure and Barring Service check if they’re going to be working with vulnerable groups.


A man outside a building wearing a mask waiting for a taxi



  1. Providing safe travel options for wheelchair users and others with disabilities


Many wheelchair users and others with disabilities have had a difficult time during the COVID-19 pandemic with so many support services affected. Providing safe and accessible travel options for such members of the community will not only help them but could also boost your income.


An important group to be aware of is those who are suffering the long-term effects of a coronavirus infection, so-called ‘long COVID’.


Some people have reported continued symptoms weeks or even months after the original COVID-19 infection has gone. According to the NHS there are many symptoms of long COVID and we are still at an early stage in understanding this illness. Extreme tiredness, shortness of breath and problems with memory and concentration are just a few of the many reported symptoms.


According to the Office for National Statistics an estimated 2 million people in the UK are suffering the effects of long COVID. So, anything your taxi business can do to help these people live their lives will be appreciated by your community.



  1. Vaccination transfers


A vital role has been played in our national COVID-19 response by the vaccination programme that has been conducted throughout the country. With COVID-19 transmission happening all the time there’s still a need for everyone to be vaccinated. Particularly as we head out of summer towards the winter season, offering taxi transfers from people’s homes to vaccination centres could save lives.



  1. Airport, ferry and cruise transfers


People are still desperate to go on holiday following such a torrid time. Unfortunately, there have been many problems in the travel industry including declining staff numbers and flight cancellations. With stress levels rising, providing a safe, reliable and slightly discounted transfer to and from airports and other travel terminals could really help people out. And be a real money-spinner for you, too.



  1. Protecting the local environment


Something many people reported as a result of the pandemic and its round of lockdowns was a new-found love and respect for their natural environment. A good way for your taxi business to play its part is to make green improvements to your service.


Examples include, opting for an electric car or more fuel-efficient vehicle, maintaining optimum tyre pressure and making your business premises as eco-friendly as possible.


Should you go electric in 2022? With market-leaders like Uber and Addison Lee getting in on the eco action, it’s certainly something worth considering.


With customers more eco-conscious than ever before, demonstrating that you’re a caring, responsible business that takes the environment seriously is important for your reputation. Make sure to publicise your eco-friendly efforts on social media to keep customers from the local community in the loop.



  1. Make your taxi business easy to access with an app


As customers have become ever more reliant on their devices for a whole range of services it’s important that taxi businesses take note. If the local community can’t quickly find you on their phone or other gadget then they won’t be able to access the help you offer.


Apps can be an amazing way to connect with customers in need. And a taxi app allows them to use your services online at a time convenient to them. Taxi apps are certainly the way forward when it comes to booking a cab. Just look at the likes of Uber and all the other ride hailing apps if you don’t believe us.


Interested? If you want to create an app for your taxi business then look no further than this helpful Taxi Insurer guide. From app development and creation to how much it costs, there’s all you need to get ahead of the competition.



 A circle of people sitting around a wooden bench putting their mobile phones out into the middle



  1. Encourage digital or cashless payments


With so many passengers avoiding traditional cash payments in favour of something cleaner and more hygienic, contactless car readers are rapidly becoming a must for taxi drivers. Taxi Insurer has lots of information on this development if you’re not convinced. But rest assured, your customers will thank you for providing the option of digital or cashless payments.


Paying for monthly taxi insurance can be a very useful way to pay for a whole range of services as a taxi driver. Speak to the team at Taxi Insurer to see whether this might be the best option for you and your taxi fleet.



  1. Keeping taxis well maintained and clean


Passengers will always feel more secure if the taxi they’re riding in is clean and well maintained. This really should be non-negotiable for any taxi business in the post-COVID world. But not only is this helpful for the community which uses your cars, it will also be beneficial to your business in the long run.


A well-kept taxi is always going to help your business reputation and keep you ahead of any rivals. Remember, even if the main threat of COVID-19 seems to be in the past, it’s still essential to take all the necessary precautions to maintain the safety of passengers and drivers. Keeping a few items handy like face coverings and hand sanitisers is still an important part of providing a safe, reliable service to all members of the community.



  1. Checking on regular customers


Taxi drivers will soon get to know and care for their regular customers. When times are difficult it’s worthwhile checking on those customers, especially those you know to live alone, are elderly, have health or mobility issues or are caring for children.


If you haven’t heard from them in a while, or they’ve missed a regular appointment then take the time to check on them and let them know they’re not alone.



  1. Safeguarding vulnerable passengers


We all hope that if we were in trouble on the street someone would stop and help. Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious that someone is in need. As a caring taxi driver, passenger safety is always going to be your number one priority. As well as driving safely and considerately, safeguarding your vulnerable passengers is also vital. Who knows, you might be the last chance to keep them safe from harm.


Read through these 10 safeguarding practices all taxi drivers should adopt to help keep vulnerable passengers safe.



  1. Supporting local business and services


Local businesses and services are the lifeblood of any community. If you support them when times are hard, they’ll support you. After all, mutual support is the basis for any successful community.


A busy local restaurant in daytime



  1. Stay informed


Fake news and other sources of disinformation have been a huge problem during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. As a taxi driver, you’ll meet many people during your working day, so be careful to only share information from credible sources. Remember, when you stay calm, others will, too.



  1. Take care of yourself and your staff


You and your staff are also part of your local community. So, taking care of yourselves both physically and mentally is also vital. Happy, healthy and motivated taxi drivers are far more likely to give top-notch customer service and keep your business on track.


From staff parties to a simple thank you, recognising the contribution of your taxi drivers to the success of your business is a great way to boost morale and encourage teamwork.



  1. Take part in charity initiatives


Taxi drivers have long known the importance of community spirit and supporting local charity initiatives. With the effects of the COVID-19 crisis likely to be with us for many years, it’s important to think about how we can all support these worthy causes.


Contact local charities and community groups and see how your business can go the extra mile for others. For example, volunteering is a great way to support your community. And can range from cleaning up the local area and planting a community garden to supporting a local food bank.



  1. Give blood


Giving blood saves lives, and it’s always in very high demand. Every year the NHS Blood and Transplant Service needs around 135,000 new donors to ensure they have the right mix of blood groups to meet patient needs. It’s easy, quick and safe to do. In fact, giving blood might be the most amazing thing you do today!



  1. Keeping your taxi COVID-safe


If we don’t want a repeat of 2020, we all still need to play our part in keeping our taxis COVID-safe. Read our helpful guide to keeping your cab COVID-safe in the new normal. Both drivers and customers deserve to work and travel in a safe environment.



Protecting your business with monthly taxi insurance


Keeping your business on track during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a real challenge. And while you can never rule out risks such as road accidents, damage and theft you can protect yourself and your investment with monthly taxi insurance tailored to your specific needs and budget.


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