Being a driver is a demanding job. But between passengers, you’re likely to have some waits – so why not use them to educate or entertain yourself with a podcast?


And of course, podcasts are a great source of conversation, too, giving you something to talk about with your passengers during longer journeys or while stuck in traffic.


Read on for our quick guide to some of the best podcasts out there for professional drivers, whatever your interests. You could ask passengers for tips for new shows to download, too.


Remember – stay safe on the roads. Don’t get distracted by podcasts while driving, and make sure your vehicle is covered with a good minibus insurance policy.



What’s a podcast?


If you’re not already listening to podcasts, you’re truly missing out. They’re like radio series, but you can download episodes onto your smartphone to listen to at times that suit you – such as when you’re waiting to pick up passengers.


Podcasts usually feature talking rather than music, making them an excellent way to learn something new while you’re at work. Often, regular presenters will interview guests, giving you expert insights into areas of interest.


As podcasts are easy to make and distribute, you’ll find them on every niche topic you can imagine – and many more. So you’re bound to find something that gets you thinking, motivates you to take action, or just makes you laugh.


If you have an idea of what you’re looking for, you can search for new podcasts on a regular search engine, or try out the dedicated podcast search engine Listen Notes. Alternatively, your smartphone will let you download several apps where you can browse categories and try out episodes to your heart’s content.


We’ve listed a few of the most popular categories and most listened-to podcasts here, but there are believed to be around 900,000 podcasts comprising 30 million episodes on the internet – and the number is growing all the time. Happy searching!


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Current affairs


Whether you are a budding politician, just love a good debate, or simply want to know more about the world around you, a current affairs podcast will keep you informed.


For a light-hearted yet informative take on events, you could try The Political Party. It’s a monthly podcast hosted by comedian Matt Forde, which sees him interview a current MP in front of a live audience. As well as the main show, there are studio-based interviews with journalists, activists, academics and others.


Meanwhile, former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband MP may have lost a general election, but he’s winning with his popular podcast. Reasons To Be Cheerful sees him exploring big ideas, frequently political, with his co-host Geoff Lloyd and guests.


Whatever you think of Miliband and his party, he makes a genial and insightful presenter with an excellent choice of interviewees and topics.


For a really in-depth look at the hot topics of today, try Ways to Change the World. This hour-long podcast sees Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy interview leading politicians and other important figures about their stance on the big issues of the day. Past interviewees have included MPs Jacob Rees-Mogg and Jess Philips, both known for their strong views.


If you’re the type to get enraged by politicians, it might be best to leave these podcasts till after your shift! Your passengers want a nice, calm journey, and you all want to stay safe on the roads. Even so, accidents can happen, so make sure you’re covered with minibus insurance.





Love history? You’re not alone. History is a rich source of intriguing stories, thought-provoking analysis and entertaining anecdotes, making it perfectly suited to podcasting.


If you want to know about British history from the Ice Age onwards, then tune in to the very ambitious British History Podcast. It is telling the story of this country in chronological order with a focus on the lives of people. That’s a lot of years, so it will be a long time before you run out of episodes!


London drivers, or anyone with an interest in the royals, may enjoy the Historic Royal Palaces podcast, which gives insights into the lives of the monarchs and how they have shaped society.


So if you regularly pass Kensington Palace or the Tower of London, now’s your chance to find out more about what went on behind those walls – and pass your new knowledge on to your passengers.


For a look at the legacy of Britain’s history of colonisation, try We Need to Talk About The British Empire. Presenter Afua Hirsch interviews guests such as poet Benjamin Zephaniah to talk about how the empire continues to shape lives and culture today.


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Health and wellbeing


There’s no doubt that being a London taxi driver or minibus driver carries certain health risks. Musculoskeletal issues from sitting in one position for several hours, mental health problems such as stress, and lack of exercise or sleep are all problems that minicab and taxi drivers can face.


So listening to a health podcast is not only interesting, but also helpful and motivating.


For health issues, it’s especially important to get your information from a reliable source, so head to the BBC Sounds app, which features all the BBC’s radio content in podcast format.


There you’ll find BBC Radio 5 Live’s All Hail Kale, which is a witty but trustworthy look at wellness issues, from positive thinking to footballers’ fitness to tackling depression. It’s presented by journalist Tim Samuels, and features different experts each week.


Or you could try How Do You Cope? This features a range of famous guests talking about the challenges and hurdles they’ve dealt with in their own lives. Recent guests include former footballers, journalists, novelists and comedians.


The BBC also features podcasts devoted to specific health topics such as cancer, dementia and addiction, so you’re bound to find something that’s relevant to your life and can answer some questions you have.


Hopefully, listening to health podcasts will encourage you to take good care of yourself. This includes adjusting your seat correctly to avoid aches and pains, looking after your mental and emotional health by relaxing and unwinding, and taking exercise to improve your fitness.


Don’t forget to take good care of your vehicle too by choosing the most suitable minibus insurance.



Fun facts


Do you enjoy a good bit of trivia? Love regaling your passengers, friends and family with your latest fun facts? Then you’ll enjoy the hit podcast No Such Thing As A Fish, produced by the ‘elves’ from the hit TV show QI.


Each week, its four presenters discuss the most intriguing things they’ve learned in the past seven days. A recent episode covered “fruit that’s expensive and dangerous; and people who got very hot and very cold”. So if that teaser gets you curious for more, you can download a new episode each Friday.


Here’s one fact from us: did you know that Taxi Insurer can arrange minibus insurance for drivers with convictions? Contact our specialist team today to find out more.


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Small businesses


Do you have dreams to grow your driving business? Or maybe to hang up your vehicle keys for good and start up a totally different enterprise?


After a long day’s driving, it’s hard to find the time or energy to invest in your bright business idea. Fortunately, there are several small business podcasts that budding entrepreneurs can listen to while you’re on the road that will give you inspiration and guidance or answer your questions.


If you want to find some role models to follow, then head to TED Talks, where you’ll find any number of business gurus sharing their stories and tips. They’re all told in an accessible, inspirational style – ideal for motivating you as you go about your daily tasks.


Or perhaps you feel you’ve got the motivation and the practical skills, but are completely lost when it comes to marketing your business and attracting new customers?


In that case, tune in to a podcast such as Marketing with Coffee. This features two hosts who invite guests to join them in a Boston coffee shop every week to chat all things marketing.


The style is informal yet informative, and topics covered include search engine optimisation, social media, and “old school” offline marketing techniques. You’re bound to pick up some tips and tricks that will enable you to create a buzz for your business.


Who knows – perhaps you’ll be inspired to go into podcasting yourself! Driving can be a fascinating career for learning about people and places, so you’re sure to have your own rich collection of stories and insights to share with the world.





Being a cab driver means you’re often working when your favourite sports matches are playing. But podcasts give you another way of exploring your sport at a time to suit you.


While you can find podcasts on just about every sport going, football is probably the most popular. The Greatest Game is hosted by footballer Jamie Carragher and has a very simple yet winning format: each episode features a guest talking about the best football match they have ever seen or played in.


Meanwhile, the comedy show Athletico Mince began as a humorous look at the world of football, and has evolved into something often more bizarre and surreal. It’s hosted by comedian Bob Mortimer and writer Andy Dawson, and features numerous characters voiced by the duo as well as special guests from the world of football and beyond.


If traffic jams haven’t killed your love of driving, then maybe you’d like to try the Autosport Podcast? It covers Formula One, rally driving and much more, with opinion, analysis and technical insights from motorsports experts.


Just don’t be tempted to put your foot to the floor yourself – drive safely at all times. Remember to make sure your vehicle is protected with minibus insurance too.


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Science and technology


The world of science and technology moves fast – and that makes for some fantastic podcasts on topics you may not even know exist.


Try Exponential View, the weekly half-hour show presented by Azeem Azhar that features some incredible guests talking about the future of tech. Exponential technologies are those like AI that are developing rapidly and changing all aspects of our lives today.


Recent episodes have covered how science is tackling the corona virus, cybersecurity in the age of AI, and the field of nanotechnology, all explained in a clear and insightful manner.


For a shorter, snappier listening experience, perhaps better suited to a taxi driver’s working life, download Tech Talker’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World. Each episode is just five or six minutes long, giving your practical pointers on topics such as how to protect yourself online or cut back on the mobile data you use.



Staying safe while listening to podcasts


Remember – your priority is to stay safe on the roads. Listening to an enthralling podcast while driving can be distracting, putting you, your passengers and other road users at risk.


So keep the podcasts for quieter moments, such as when you’re waiting for your passengers or when you’re heading back home after a long shift.


No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen, so make sure you’re covered with the right minibus insurance to suit your requirements.


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