Being a taxi driver in Newcastle upon Tyne, you possess the power to control when and where you work. However, to truly optimise your earnings, it is essential to understand the rhythm of the city and the preferred locations of passengers. This article will provide practical insights to help you boost your income by targeting the busiest times and areas in Newcastle.


Understanding Newcastle's rhythm


The city's rhythm is influenced by various factors, including the time of day, day of the week, and ongoing events. For instance, weekends are generally busier, with Saturday earnings being roughly 26% higher than weekday earnings. However, weekdays should not be dismissed as they present unique opportunities, particularly during the early morning hours.


Early bird gets the worm


During weekdays, kick-starting your taxi service early can significantly boost your earnings. Driving between 6am and 10am can yield around more income than working later in the morning (10am-2pm). Therefore, rising early can be quite rewarding for a Newcastle taxi driver.


Key locations and times


Location knowledge is absolutely essential for taxi drivers. It is the lifeblood of their profession. A taxi driver without a strong grasp of their area's geography is like a chef without knowledge of ingredients. It affects everything from the speed of service they provide to their overall customer satisfaction rating.



Firstly, a comprehensive understanding of locations allows drivers to navigate through the city efficiently, avoiding traffic jams and road works, and hence offering a faster and more reliable service. This not only saves precious time for the customers, but also increases the number of rides a driver can make in a day, directly impacting their earnings.


Local hero


In addition, being knowledgeable about locations also helps taxi drivers to provide valuable local insights and recommendations to their passengers, especially tourists. This can greatly enhance the customer's overall experience, making them more likely to use the service again and recommend it to others.


So whether it's about getting from point A to B in the quickest possible time, providing a memorable journey experience, or responding effectively in emergencies, knowing locations inside out is indispensable for taxi drivers. It's not just about driving; it's about providing an efficient, professional, and valuable service.


Weekdays (Monday to Thursday)

Newcastle upon Tyne Bridge

During weekdays, the following areas are known to be profitable from 6 am to 10 am:


  • Newcastle airport

  • Gateshead Quays

  • West Jesmond

  • Central Station

  • Heaton

  • City Centre, especially around Northumberland Street to the Tyne Bridge

  • Shieldfield

  • Manors

On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid areas such as Walkergate, Felling, Pelaw, and Scotswood during these hours.




On Fridays, the hustle and bustle start to pick up as the weekend begins. Driving between 11 pm and 3 am can result in more earnings compared to the 7 pm-11 pm slot. During these hours, the following areas are typically lucrative:


  • Top of Pilgrim Street

  • Diamond Strip (Newcastle City Centre)

  • Central Station / Centre for Life

  • The Big Market

  • Westgate Road

  • Jesmond

  • Quayside

  • Clayton Street


Fridays are often the best days to work as a taxi driver in Newcastle upon Tyne. As the weekend rolls in, the city buzzes with life, with locals and tourists flocking to pubs, restaurants, and cultural events. This surge in activity translates into a high demand for taxi services, making it a profitable day for drivers.


Moreover, the friendly and lively atmosphere that prevails on Fridays makes the job even more enjoyable. Whether it's ferrying groups of friends to a night out or helping a family start their weekend getaway, professional drivers can expect interesting encounters and good earnings.


Taxi insurance considerations


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Much like Fridays, the late-night hours on Saturdays (11 pm-3 am) are peak times for taxi drivers. During this period, you can earn up more than the afternoon slot (3 pm-7 pm). Saturdays in Newcastle upon Tyne are bustling with activity, making it a lucrative day for taxi drivers.


Saturday football matches also bring an influx of fans from nearby towns in the North East , who often rely on taxis for transportation. Plus, the weekend surge pricing can increase earnings for drivers. Thus, driving a taxi on Saturdays in Newcastle can be fruitful due to the busy streets and high demand for quick and convenient transport.


Saturday profitable areas


  • Top of Pilgrim Street

  • Diamond Strip (Newcastle City Centre)

  • The Big Market

  • Grainger Street

  • Grey Street

  • Riverside Club / Quayside

  • West Jesmond

  • Spital Tongues




On Sundays, the most lucrative times to drive are early in the morning (5 am-9 am) and late at night (12 am-4 am). The morning hours can yield 30% more earnings than the afternoon, while the late-night hours can result in 35% more income than the evening slot (7 pm-11 pm).


Profitable areas:


  • Haymarket / Northumberland Street area

  • Quayside

  • The Big Market

  • Shieldfield

  • Heaton

  • Chillingham Road

  • Central Station / Centre for Life

  • The Gate


However, Byker, Walkergate, and Elswick are less profitable on Sundays.




Being a taxi driver in Newcastle upon Tyne offers flexibility and independence. However, to maximise your earnings, it is essential to understand the city's rhythm and the most profitable areas and times to drive. Remember to stay protected with taxi insurance and by applying the insights in this article, you can navigate the city more effectively and boost your income.


Frequently asked questions


Is being a taxi driver competitive?


Being a taxi driver can indeed be a competitive profession. This industry has evolved significantly over the years, with the advent of ride-hailing apps making it even more so. Drivers not only compete with each other for passengers and tips, but also have to keep up with technological advancements and adapt to changing customer expectations. Furthermore, they must maintain excellent service standards to earn positive reviews, which can greatly impact their earnings.


Is being a taxi driver profitable in the UK?


Being a taxi driver in the UK can indeed be a lucrative profession, especially in bustling urban areas. Drivers have the potential to earn a decent income, particularly during peak hours and over the weekends when demand for taxis is high. Additionally, the flexibility of being able to choose your own working hours adds an extra layer of appeal to this job. However, profitability can fluctuate depending on factors such as vehicle maintenance costs, fuel prices, and competition from ride-hailing apps. So, while taxi driving can be profitable, success as a taxi driver in the UK often comes down to strategic planning and smart work.


Do taxi drivers own their own vehicle?


The question of whether taxi drivers own their vehicles or not is not a straightforward one, as it largely depends on the circumstances. In many cases, taxi drivers are self-employed and thus, they own their vehicles. They are responsible for maintenance, insurance and other related costs. However, in other situations, taxi drivers are employees of a larger taxi company and they drive vehicles owned by the company. This is particularly common in bigger cities where owning and maintaining a vehicle can be expensive.


What is the best time to work as a taxi driver?


The best time to work as a taxi driver largely depends on the city, its peak traffic hours, and the commuting habits of its residents. However, it is generally observed that early mornings and late evenings are busier times offering more opportunities for taxi drivers. Early mornings see a surge in commuters heading to work or school, while late evenings are busy with people returning home or heading out for leisure activities. Weekends can also be profitable, especially on Friday and Saturday nights when people are more likely to take taxis after a night out.